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Executive Search Recruiter

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Red Sky is a #StartupStudio and strategic partner of fund Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. We operate by the #VentureBuilding formula – based on the experience of experts we create IT solutions and support promising startups. Our team consists of experienced people with different backgrounds which helps us create a complementary team with diversity spirit. Working in Recruitment Team you will find a place for well-organized cooperation, self-development, motivating activities, and the opportunity to share your experience. We will make sure your best skills are always on fire.


Executive Search Recruiter

As an Executive Search Recruiter, you will be part of a team of innovative thinkers who focus on the quality, communication, efficiency, and dynamics of all undertaken activities. You will take care of converting passive candidates into engaged ones. You will work the way you like and according to your needs, we will provide the work environment that allows you to become a Super HeRo. You will also have the opportunity to combine sourcer with recruiter skills, which will allow you to take a complete approach to the recruitment process.

Main responsibilities

  • networking and maintaining relationships with passive candidates,

  • developing sustainable plans and strategies for talent acquisition,

  • finding senior managers able to become founders and C-level executives,

  • comprehensive management and development of recruitment processes,

  • evaluate of candidates and their fit with other team members,

  • cooperation with recruiting and marketing team,

  • building an effective relationship with hiring managers,

  • actively identifying new sourcing methods and constantly looking for ways to improve recruitment processes,

  • providing the highest quality of Candidate Experience.

It's a match if you have...

  • 5+ years of experience as an executive search professional or a similar position,

  • outstanding direct search skills: you know how and where to find the right candidate, 

  • focus on effective and consistent achievement of goals - business determination,

  • knowledge about what works in recruiting and willingness to share it with your team,

  • consistently refines your recruitment skills,

  • excellent knowledge of Polish and English,

  • great organizational skills, especially when working with multiple recruitment projects,

  • creativity, self-reliance, and involvement,

  • strong understanding of IT and the digital world.

...and what we can give you?

  • remuneration in the amount of PLN 12 000 - 15 000 net B2B + VAT,
  • 26 days of paid days off per year,
  • the possibility of working 100% remotely or from an office in Szczecin,
  • specialized know-how from great practitioners and professional development,
  • a supportive and committed team,
  • great autonomy and independence in the ongoing activities,
  • the ability to develop and implement your ideas,
  • development budget,
  • access to benefits - Multisport Plus, Medicover Premium, group insurance.


  • you will be working in a team of unique personalities who work unconventionally and keep learning something new every day,

  • we love #teamwork. Do you think you have stumbled upon something forward-thinking? Tell your teammates, and look into it together,

  • do you prefer to work as a lone wolf? No problem!

  • we communicate via Slack, manage tasks in ClickUp, and track work time in Calamari,

  • need cover during the recruiting process? We got your back,

  • we are an experienced #StartupStudio - our projects reach users worldwide.