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Tech Innovation Architect (MVP team)

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Red Sky is a #StartupStudio and strategic partner of fund Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. We operate by the #VentureBuilding formula – based on the experience of experts we create IT solutions and support promising startups. Determination, +15 years of experience and capital are the features that guarantee high #SuccessRate.

We support and build startups that develop advanced products in the technological area for sectors such as esports, big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, fintech and martech, in particular operating in SaaS and marketplace business models. Do you have an idea? Let's talk!

MVP team - Minimum Viable Prototypers

We are building an interdisciplinary team that will be responsible for prototyping new technologically advanced digital products. The MVP team will be an accelerator in the implementation of ideas arising in Red Sky and the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder group. We are looking for specialists who will enjoy working with bold, new ideas.

Tech Innovation Architect

As a Tech Innovation Architect, you will be leading the team to develop technological solutions for the project. You will be responsible for the selection of appropriate technology for the given problem and verification of the possibility of using available tools to find the solution.

Main responsibilities

  • leading the team through management and mentorship,

  • contributing to recruitment activities,

  • developing standards and procedures to ensure that quality standards are met and consistent,

  • preparing and optimizing IT budgets,

  • recommending technological developments and inefficiency improvements,

  • developing the growth of the team knowledge,

  • managing quality of end product,

  • creating scalable and reliable infrastructure architectures in the cloud,

  • making exhaustive, yet concise documentation for developers and stakeholders.

We require

  • proven management track-record of working with interdisciplinary product teams (web, mobile, design) in a position of either an Engineering Manager, Tech/Team Lead, Technical Project Manager or Scrum Master,
  • deep understanding of Agile Product Development, including hands-on experience in facilitating ceremonies and maintaining a product backlog,
  • experience in running and mentoring cross-functional teams,
  • empathy and openness - you will spend at least 50% of the time talking with people,
  • honesty and ability to give constructive feedback,
  • proven experience in solving conflicts between the product development teams, excellent communication skills, ability to get on well with various colleagues at MVP from tech to business, 
  • outcome over output approach,
  • strong organizational and leadership skills,
  • process automation for business and IT,
  • extensive experience in working with stakeholders to create hiring strategies to develop quality teams,
  • previous working experience in software design and developing customer-oriented platforms,
  • must be knowledgeable about industry trends, best practices, and change management,
  • experience in knowledge extraction methodologies, like the Whirlpool process of Model Exploration or Event Storming,
  • exceptional knowledge about high-level architectures, their pros,
  • hands-on experience in many programming languages/technologies and building large-scale, performant platforms for web and mobile. Besides managing a team, you should be able to do some coding and understand solutions provided by a team,
  • experience in popular cloud services, with some base DevOps skills, allowing you to translate architecture into fully functional, scalable and cost-wise solutions,
  • knowledge about practices and patterns used for Time To Market reduction in software development,
  • great problem solving mindset,
  • at least 6 years of programming experience and 2 years of a team leading role.

We offer

  • employment agreement or B2B contract,
  • 26 fully paid holiday days,
  • development budget,
  • #remotefirst type of organization,
  • access to benefits - Multisport Plus, Medicover Premium, group insurance,
  • making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership.


MVP team - join the group of Prototypes!
  • join an experienced venture building structure, create with us a strong technical team and build products with international potential,
  • startup specific - this is just a cool work! By joining this team you will be prototyping, researching, trying and testing,
  • MVP team is a place only for people with strong skills!

Red Sky is:

  • 10+ projects supported by a venture building model,
  • an experienced #StartupStudio - our projects reach users worldwide,
  • >$39M in external funding in 2021,
  • stability of employment! Nearly 20 people on our team and as many as 150+ people across all supported projects,
    endless business ideas, dreams and plans.